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Random facts to share with the world! Random facts to share. Impress your friends by knowing random stuff! Here, you can write down facts or articles about a subject. Look below under the toolbar "Wiki Guidelines" for information on how to write and add a page on this wiki.

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Random facts and topics! Here, we go from social facts like the wonders of the internet to history, or even science. Know a lot about a person? Create a page about them! BEFORE CREATING A NEW PAGE, READ "WIKI GUIDELINES" BELOW.

Wiki Guidelines Edit

It can be fun to write on a wiki and to add what you know about your favorite subject. However, you need to follow the guidelines. Below, are the guideline for CREATING A PAGE.


  • do not add a page if there is already a page on the topic. Otherwise, it is not in the interests of readers to find two pages on a subject.
  • also, don't create a page if there is a page already created like the one you are planning. For example, if you want to create a page about John Lennon, make sure that a page on The Beatles don't already have a bio on him. If there isn't a page on either, go ahead and create two pages, just with the guidelines in mind.
  • When writing an page, don't write down random UNTRUE facts. Leave a link to where you got your TRUE information.
  • We don't want an disgusting or inappropriate topics/photos/videos.

For more information, see Create a Page


  • like creating a page, make sure your information you are adding is correct. We do not want an inaccurate page.
  • also, leave sources.
  • don't leave random Easter eggs in pages, throwing in something like, "and I like turtles."

To see what we stand for, see what we stand for

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